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She is Fire & Ice Blog: Welcome

Hello and welcome F & I Lit Community to the first entry of the She is Fire & Ice blog, where diversity and eccentricity find a home. I am LaNika Barnes, owner of Fire & Ice Bookshop and the host blogger of She is Fire & Ice.

Why She is Fire & Ice?

I am like the products in my bookshop. We are representatives of the thought that just because the elements that create our experiences often seem to be at odds, they find a way to co-exist. I am, we are, like fire and ice. Sometimes ablaze for something and sometimes cold as ice, and that is just fine. Our lives are shaped by so many experiences, both electrifying and dulling, which make us unique and extraordinary human beings. What better way explore these elements than through stories; yours, mine and others.

"Perhaps the fire and ice can co-exist as one, yet different."-Thasfiya Alavi

Your Personal Invitation

I personally invite you to checkout our weekly She is Fire & Ice blog which will include lit commentary and discussions as well community member interviews and product reviews representing varying people, spaces and places. You know, all of the things that set the atmosphere and mood for settling into a good story, either on your own or with others. This week, you will find a double dose of the She is Fire & Ice blog, as June is full of community milestones and observations to celebrate!


Until next time...

Please visit our bookshop's shelves to begin your next lit adventure! You will find titles and products that are bestsellers and/or beloved amongst our lit readers, and communities at large. Remember, our "little online bookshop that could," encourages its visitors to shop and read not by traditional, selection standards but according to what your appetite dictates. Also, check out our custom companion products to go compliment your reading selections.

For more information about how to choose that perfect book for you or someone else, please leave a comment or check out our F&I Lit Reading Experience Menu. We always welcome your feedback. Thank you for being you!

LaNika, She is Fire & Ice

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